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The Fluteman Show

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Never before has the modern age witnessed such a thing!
The Fluteman is in town.

40.000 years ago he brought music to Neanderthal man by presenting a flute made of mammoth bone.
To the Pied Piper he revealed the secret of hidden persuasion.
Pan copied his compositions.
God Shiva took lessons from him.
Mozart said that without him The Magic Flute would have never been composed.
To the child he brought talent to impress the relatives with this instrument so that it became the highlight of every Christmas Eve.

The Fluteman shares his view of the universe and explores the boundlessness of being.

An astoundingly funny performance with music ranging from Bach, Mozart, Paganini and the 21st century.

with: Gabor Vosteen (recorders & comedy)

Idea and conception: Gabor Vosteen / Directing: Ines Hu / Comedy consulting: Florian Butsch / Music production: Simon Steger / Props: Anke Gaenz
Length: 70 minutes