Musician, Comedian, Fluteman

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"One is constantly busy with laughing that you almost miss to realize what brilliant virtuoso he actually is on this ordinary instrument called recorder.
Saarbrücker Zeitung, 11. March 2016, Circus Roncalli

"A darling of the evening, he is the lucky one to have several appearances during which he mixes virtuoso flute playing with whimsical comedy to a magnificent refreshing clown act."
Augsburger Allgemeine, October 2015

"The star of the evening for many guests was Gabor Vosteen. An artist, a musician and a comedian.
Neue Westfälische 21.January 2014

One has heard mozart's „little night music“ in several variations - but never played on five recorders! That is stupefying, crazy and awe-inspiring."
Berliner Zeitung, 13. January 2014

"...The studied musician mixes perfect mastery of the instrument with comedy and physical art. That is without words and makes one wordless/speechless. His number turns into a nifty happening during which audiences voluntarily go on stage and uninhibited laughter of even children is triggered."

"My own personal favorite was Gabor Vosteen, the recorder player. With instruments coming out of his mouth and nose simultaneously, he amazed us with perfectly balanced chords and even a section from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, played both musically and flawlessly."
Musical America - Edna Landau (former director IMG Artists)

"Spontaneous darling of the public: Gabor Vosteen."
Hamburger Morgenpost