Gabor Vosteen

Recorder - Like The World’s Never Heard Before

Who would have ever thought the words ‘musical genius’ and ‘recorder’ could be uttered in one sentence? Fluteman manages to combine the absurdity of playing one of the most simple of musical instruments - the recorder - with jaw-dropping skill, turning it into a hilarious one-man show with all of the classical hits, and more. Be prepared to watch a master at work, and at the same time, laugh your socks off.

Gabor Vosteen - The Fluteman

Gabor Vosteen is a classical trained recorder player and comedian. His speciality is the playing of five recorders at the same. That's why he is often simply called "the fluteman". His unique combination of music with visual comedy resulted in collaborations in different fields. His latest creation is his solo „The Fluteman Show“.
He was awarded with several prizes such as the audience prize Tuttlinger Krähe 2014, 1. Prize at Kleinkunst- und Gauklerpreis Koblenz 2014, audience prize and 2. jury prize Niederstätter SurPrize in Bozen. 
Gabor performed in shows as Night of the Proms, for Circus Roncalli and in Variety Shows. And as well at venues such as Konzerthaus Wien, Konzerthaus Dortmund, KKL Luzern, Gewandhaus zu Leipzig and  TV Shows  as „Le plus grand Cabaret du Monde“. 

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"Wicked flute show"


"I hate the recorder, but that was really cool!"

A spectator

"The flute - for most people the most boring instrument in the world. Till they witness Gabor Vosteen." 

Südwest Presse


A Comedy Concert - Solo Show

The craziest concert since the invention of spit.

In THE FLUTEMAN SHOW Gabor rises to his vision to save the world with the most considerable instrument of humankind and uses stunning facets of the recorder never heard or seen before. With myriad plastic flutes, a rocky electric-flute, the only leopard-bass flute on earth and countless saucy tricks with the recorder he fulfills his mission: Bach, Paganini, pop-music, own compositions and amazing comedy result into the unheard universe of the master of flutes Gabor Vosteen.

Idea and conception: 
Gabor Vosteen

Directing: Ines Hu 

Comedy Consulting: Florian Butsch
Music Production: Simon Steger 

Props: Anke Gänz 

Length: 70 minutes

Collaboration with orchestras

Gabor performed with several orchestras: 

A Circus Symphony Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie  - Kongresshaus Zürich and KKL Luzern.
Classic Circus Musikkollegium Winterthur - Das ZELT Switzerland
Classic Open Air Musikkollegium Winterthur
Il Cuccu Toggenburger Orchester
Antwerp Symphonie Orchestra - Night of the Proms
Rosenmontagkonzert Salonorchester Leipzig - Gewandhaus Leipzig
Jugendsinfonie Orchester Schwerin

"It was music aering from another world. His waggish sense of humour turned into commitment and celebration. The audience was delighted."
Toggenburger Tageblatt

Follow the Fluteman!

Follow the Fluteman!

Music for young audiences

Bringing laughter and music to young people.

That was all playback. No human being can play that fast!
spectator, 8 years old.

Fluteman for kids

The Fluteman Show in a adapted version for young audiences. From 30-50 minutes. 

A funny concert fascinating young and old by combining virtuoso and touching music from different epochs with nonverbal comedy. : 
"Open their heart with humour and touch them with music."

Bolzano Festvial - Musica Antiqua
Wiener Konzerthaus - Jeunesse Österreich
YAM Session - Santiago de Compostela
Children's Culture Festival Rejkjavik - Island
Musikfestspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern
Musikfestspiele Potsdam

Open Air / Street Festival

Gabor plays the recorder whereever he is allowed to:
Kleines Fest, Street theatre Festival Ludwigshafen, ...


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